Diffusers for essential oils | Neptune

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800 g

The Neptune diffusser for essential oils is made from opaque glass in a simple yet classic design. This oil diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to vaporise water and essentials oils to produce a cool, dry, fragrant mist. Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or essential oil blend to give your room a fresh, clean scent.

The Neptune aroma diffuser cycles through 7 LED colour changes to produce a calming and relaxed atmosphere. If preferred the colour can be set to one colour.


The auto-shut off feature ensures that the diffuser switches off when the tank runs low on water.  

This diffuser does not have a timer but automatically powers off when the water level is low.

The Neptune diffuser is powered by a 5w USB cable (cable length 103 cm)

Dimensions: Height 12.5cm Width 13.8cm Depth 13.8cm

Tank capacity: 90 ml